CBSE class 10 result 2015 is announced today i.e. May 28, 2015 at 2 pm on Central Board of Secondary Education’s official websites and

While students who appeared in CBSE class 10 result 2016 are eagerly expecting their 10th result, 10th Class Results 2016 prone to announce on May 27th but delayed it using a day and has now announced today, it is necessary for both parents and students to know the format on the tenth board results. Students could possibly get their cause CGPA.


CGPA or Cumulative Grade Points Average will be the average of grade points achieved to all subjects excluding the excess 6th subject.

Note: CGPA is just not same as the proportion. There is a different process to calculate the proportion.

How to calculate percentage from CGPA for class 10:

Multiply overall CGPA by 9.5
i.e. 7.8* 9.5 = 74.1%

For subject wise percentage, multiply grade points received in each subject with 9.5.

While the CGPA is mentioned from the result, you will find there’s little calculation if you need to calculate it by yourself.

How to calculate CGPA for 12th Class Results 2016:

Step 1: Add grade points
To calculate the CGPA, add the grades received in 5 subjects.


For ex:
Grade points for 5 subjects are: Subject 1: 7, subject 2: 8, subject 3: 9, subject 4: 8, subject 5: 7
Add them: 7+8+9+8+7 = 39

Step 2: Divide the sum by 5 i.e. 39/5 = 7.8

There fore, Overall CGPA is 7.8

Even though grades for IX and X are visible from the separate boxes from the result, it isn’t combined for CGPA.

Students can check their result on,

For latest updates, follow Exam Results 2015

The All India Gems & Jewellery Trade Federation (GJF) criticized new rules that slashed a threshold above which a customer must show their PAN card application form (PAN) by 60 %.

New rules make disclosure mandatory in jewelry purchases on top of the rupee same in principle as $3,026 (INR 200,000), compared to a previous limit of $7,564 (INR 500,000), in line with a GJF statement December 18.

“This just isn’t practical all of which will discriminate against 70 percent with the rural buyers, including farmers, because they are not underneath the tax net , nor have PAN cards,” GJF chairman G. V. Sreedhar said inside statement. “We urge the Government to clear out PAN-card requirements inside the jewelry sector and keep the status quo on use of TCS [tax collected at source] on sales of bullion on INR 200,000 and so on INR 500,000 of knickknack.”


Meanwhile, Titan Company Ltd, among India’s biggest dealers, said within a statement December 17 the amendments are targeted at curbing the nation’s blackmarket and broadening its tax base.

While the newest limit on PAN card disclosure could negatively impact cash sales of jewellery, a lot less than 10 percent of Titan’s jewelry revenue within the recent past originates from products costing between $3,026 and $7,564, it said within the statement.

Gold jewellers dissatisfied over mandatory PAN card on acquisition of Rs 2 lakh

KOLKATA: Gold jewellers think making PAN card mandatory for transaction worth Rs 2 lakh and above will will affect rural demand.

Sreedhar GV, chairman, All India Gem & Jewellery Trade Federation (GJF) said “This is just not practical all of which will discriminate 70% with the rural buyers including farmers as is also not under tax net and never have PAN cards. We urge the Government to clear out pan card requirement in jewellery sector and keep status-quo on use of TCS on sales of bullion on Rs. 2 lakh additionally, on Rs. 5 lakh of bijou. We also emphasized the call to reduce import duties on Bullion, Gems, Jewellery and Jewellery Machineries”.

Mr. Sreedhar further said “The gems and jewellery sector is just not a source to draw in black money because there’s a value addition of 15-20% in developing products while bullion can be a preferred segment for investment by black money holders. Today, people purchase jewellery items besides for their daily uses but in addition for essential purposes like festive and religious functions including marriages”.


Overall, GJF believes the decision on imposing pan card restriction will not be fair and justifiable under law because it tantamount to discrimination against many populations who don’t charge pan card number. In India, hardly eight to ten per cent of population has pan card and numerous rural buyers of bijou will be missing out on buying jewellery items for marriages of these family members. Government must come up with more trade and industry friendly policies where industries can produce and grow to make the economy.”

Speaking about the PAN card issue, Mr. Bachhraj Bamalwa, Director, GJF, said, “the gems and jewellery sector will not be the generator of black money. More than 80% from the value of jewelry is garbage like precious metals which are legitimately imported inside the country.”

Mr. Ashok Minawala, Director, GJF, said, “We is going to be facing problems of encouraging buyers to see our showrooms since the newest restriction of pan card compulsory for getting jewellery articles above Rs 2 lakh. It is often a negative step with the industry because this would neutralize benefits arising away from monetization scheme which can be positive. As of 31st March, 2015, you’ll find approx. 22.3 crore PAN cards issued in India. Will it be justifiable to request for a pan card to approximately 89-90% on the population that do not possess one?

Mumbai: Cable television and broadband service firm Hathway Cable and Datacom Ltd has decided to demerge the corporation’s broadband business to begin with a wholly-owned subsidiary, Hathway Broadband Pvt. Ltd, this company informed BSE on Thursday.

Hathway Cable, promoted with the Raheja Group and something of the largest multi-system operator and cable broadband companies in India, in the separate statement, said the move is directed at accelerating value creation for Hathway Cable shareholders. “The separation enables Hathway Cable for Aircel customer care to aggressively target the significant growth possibility of high speed data and related services in India,” it said.


Globally, wireline or fixed broadband has emerged like a key driver of technology adoption. India lags most countries, including those who are in Asia, in fixed-line broadband penetration. According to a latest report by Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) released in April, India ranks 129 among 166 countries, below Bhutan and Sri Lanka when it comes to broadband penetration.

Jagdish Kumar, managing director and chief executive officer at Hathway Cable, said the restructuring recognises which the market dynamics with the broadband business are unique in comparison with its parent wire business.

“The separation can be a step towards raising the broadband business’ customer focus and market competitiveness as well as in delivering a top-notch value proposition to subscribers,” Kumar said.

The demerger is going to be subject to requisite approvals from your shareholders, creditors, high courts, department of telecommunications, stock exchanges, Securities and Exchange Board of India and also other applicable GTPL customer care number regulatory authorities.


“The definitive terms and conditions from the proposed demerger are increasingly being evaluated. The draft scheme of demerger should be placed prior to a board for approval,” the organization informed the BSE on Thursday.

Hathway Cable’s total debt as on 31 March 2015 was Rs.1,186.41 crore. Separately, the firm’s board has given its approval to boost the limit from Rs.1,600 crore to Rs.1,800 crore for borrowing loans more than paid-up capital and free reserves.

In its filing to your BSE, the business said the board of directors has “given its in-principle approval to demerge, transfer and vest” the full broadband business into Hathway Broadband.

The All-India Gems and Jewellery Trade Federation (GJF) says the Centre’s imposition from the requirement of a Pan card status on any transactions of Rs 2 lakh and above will probably affect rural demand. The federation that has opposed this move has sought meetings using the prime minister, finance minister and finance secretary, and maintained actually likely to be given a hearing over the next few days.

The federation also says which a newly-tweaked gold monetisation policy probably will be out soon, which often can involve jewellers as collection agents. In the new scheme, the jeweller would feel the know your customer (KYC) norms, collect platinum, and also be authorised to issue certificates of authentication.


According to G V Shreedhar, chairman, GJF, around 70% of bijou buyers are derived from rural areas, and fall into the tax net or have pan cards, that could impact buying. “We urge the us govenment to remove the Pan card verification inside jewellery sector and keep status quo for the the application of TCS for the sales of bullion on Rs 2 lakh as well as on Rs 5 lakh of jewelry,” Shreedhar said.

The government must either exempt gems and jewellery from the dependence on know your pan or enhance the limit to Rs 10 lakh, or apply the standards prevalent from the US, the location where the purchase of $10,000 is permitted without such requirements, he stated. A move of the nature will encourage the unorganised sector and also the organised sector will die, he added. “This industry, which is inside the size of Rd 2,50,000 crore, has 70% of the business from rural buyers. This sector continues to be contributing 3.5% on the country’s GDP and therefore government entities needs to be considerate and fair,” Shreedhar said.

Ashok Minawala, director, GJF, declared jewellers will become facing problems of encouraging buyers to go to showrooms because with the new restriction. It is a negative step to the industry since this would neutralise benefits arising beyond monetisation scheme that is positive. As of March 31, 2015, around 22.3 crore PAN cards issued in India. “The government first should widen the Pan Card status online and after that bring in such steps gradually,” he explained.

On the gold monetisation scheme, Shreedhar remarked that jewellers are actually very supportive and following dynamics are solved the scheme could soon gain momentum.

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The tournament was played in 1905, at Warehouseman’s Cricket Ground (St Kilda Rd Melbourne)
Due for the long distance, the tournament wouldn’t attract foreign players until 1946.
Formally held on Grass Courts, it had not been until 1988 that this championship came into existence held on hard courts.
The Grand Slam Event on the Asia Pacific is held at Melbourne Park within the banks in the Yarra River, in Melbourne.
2015 prize profit was $40,000,000 (AUD)
Over 700,000 people attended the Championship in 2015

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Mumbai: Taking serious note of an foreign national acquiring a PAN card by claiming being an Indian citizen and utilizing it to open up two savings accounts, the Bombay High Court has summoned three senior Central government officials show up before it on 8 January to exhibit what action ended up being taken in the situation.

“This petition shows shocking inaction by relevant departments in the Union of India…What is stated by this documents are that the first respondent, who’s going to be a foreign national, has got a Pan card status. Further they have opened accounts with two banks, namely, HSBC Bank and Bombay Mercantile Bank. He has also acquired properties in India,” noted a division bench within a recent order.

Sanjay Punmiya had filed a petition alleging that Faisal Essa Yosuf got a new PAN card in the name and savings accounts were opened by him.

The HC, on earlier occasions, had asked respondents to keep an inquiry on what the PAN card was issued and make a change but no steps were adopted, the bench noted and warned to issue contempt notices from the concerned officers if stern measures weren’t enforced.

The bench headed by Justice Abhay Oka, in the written order, directed a representative of Foreign Regional Registration Office (FRRO) in Mumbai, a senior officer nominated by Joint Secretary (CPV), Ministry of External Affairs, along with a senior officer nominated by Chief Commissioner
of Income Tax, Mumbai, to keep present in court on 8 January using the relevant documents to demonstrate action taken, pursuant to your order passed from the High Court on earlier occasions.

The bench also ordered that your report a good inquiry made within the issue shall be also submitted prior to a next date of hearing.

During a previous hearing on 28 September, 2015, government’s senior counsel had described that visa was granted towards the first respondent which can be valid till 16 December, 2018.

“Various allegations are already levelled contrary to the first respondent. It is stated that they has got such a pan status claiming to become an Indian national…All this demands a very serious inquiry from the concerned department in the Union of India,” the HC noted to use order.

“The petitioner does his job by indicating the alleged illegality committed from the first respondent. He is not likely to know the details from the departments that happen to be obliged to look in the illegality,” the HC noted.

“It could be the responsibility from the law department from the Union of India to determine which departments look into the allegations produced by petitioner and initiate appropriate court action, when necessary,” a legal court observed.

The HC noted that under clause 3 of the order dated 28 September, 2015, it had asked the suitable department on the Indian passport status to initiate an inquiry and submit a study to it. However, no such report continues to be filed. Besides, the HC order dated 29 October, 2015, notes the Central
government has never taken any steps, said the bench.

The court also noted how the counsel appearing with the Union government had created a statement on 1 October that though she has addressed letters to numerous officers on the Central government, no response was received.

The HC had directed on 1 October how the concerned government departments shall hold an enquiry for ascertaining if the first respondent has committed illegalities as alleged.

“If such illegalities are only, no doubt that prompt action will have being taken through the Union of India. If a legal court finds which the Union of India has never taken any action, serious view will have being taken for the said default,” the HC had witnessed in the 1 October order.

During the hearing on 17 December, the us government counsel produced directions written from the Centre to your respondents to do something as per the quicker orders from the HC. “Inspite from the letter, none on the respondents had any instructions about the compliance,” the HC further noted.

“In look at clause 6 in the order dated 29 October, 2015, it is a fit case where contempt notices are required to get issued on the Chief Commissioner of Income Tax, the Joint Secretary (CPV) and FRRO, Mumbai,” observed the bench.

“Senior counsel Beni Chatterjee, appearing to the Union of India, states he’s going to ensure that necessary action is going to be taken. Only in look at this assurance, we are really not issuing any notice of contempt to date,” the bench said.

However, the High Court asked the respondents to present about the next date of hearing on 8 January.

Whatsapp is the biggest social site used to send text messages and images to your closest ones. Here we are presenting the Whatsapp happy Friendship Dat 2015 messages to greet and invite someone to become your friend. Happy new year wishes Day is just a month away, people surely looking for the whatsapp status for their personal profile. You can update your status with the latest update status with which you can get the best opportunity to upgrade your facebook or whatsapp status on your personal profile. Now let’s start with this.

Friendship Day Whatsapp Status

Don’t count how many friends you have

Count how many friends you still trust

Happy Friendship Day 2015


A simple friend never argues

Always keep your side

But not in a your wrong in side

Wishing you a very faithful Happy Friendship Day 2015


Good friends are like true diamonds

Always treasured and cared

Happy Friendship Day 2015


Friendship is the bond contracted with laughter and break with the tears

The best friend will never support you in your wrong things. But he will surely guide you in the right pathway. Happy Best Friendship Day 2015


Pure friendship is like sugar u melts it in the milk

You get sweetness in the whole milk

Happy Friends Day 2015

Every person is made by god

And I am very thankful to God

He gave me a friend like you

Who included me in your life

As my best friend and better half

Wishing you a very loveliest Friendship Day 2015


If you have a best friend

Doesn’t matter in what condition you are

He will surely try to bring a smile on your faces

So have a smiley friendship Day 2015


I wrote a list of heartiest persons

I included your name in my heart

With the permanent ink of feelings

Now you will never go away from my heart

Please be with me forever

Otherwise I will lose my heart

Wish you a Best 2016 New year greetings

These are all the whatsapp app and facebook status you can share with your dearest friends. You can upgrade your profile and say all the words you can’t say personally. Happy Friendship Day 2015

Snap Chat is an alternative app of Facebook provides the most secure way to send your snap to friends and social groups. Photo sharing is now major addict in social sites. But sometime misuse of this photo is also a great problem occurred nowadays. For the security purpose people now have converted to SnapChat app which brings the super privacy in photo sharing. Here we are going to share you a lovely guide of how to install Snapchat for PC. With this you can Download snapchat on PC to connect with your friends. This app is free to download in Smartphones and iOS devices, and still not certified for direct use in PC. But with alternate tool of Bluestacks offline installer it can be possible. How, we will come to that procedure soon but previous to that let us show you why Snapchat is a safe snap sharing app.

Snapchat on PC

Snapchat app Features

Snapchat delivers the great security to photo. Now photo stays online for only one day after one day it will immediately deleted by the server, so no need to tap on delete button it will automatically work for you. No chance of misusing your delivered snaps will happen with this beautiful feature. There is a time limited for sending and sharing photos. User should send the snap once you take snap in ten second and recipient should open it in 10 seconds otherwise snap will be deleted.

Snapchat for PC Guidelines

Now you can take the some advantage of snap sharing in your personal computer with using Bluestacks software. Bluestacks is enhanced to install all android apps in PC for absolutely free. Now get free access with install android app on PC to enjoy. So let’s begin our procedure now.

  • Get Bluestacks Offline Install from Google it is absolutely free to install
  • Launch bluestacks My App in PC
  • Now log in to your app with using search tool
  • Download Snapchat with striking a double click on install tab
  • Now your side process is accomplished let the computer do its work
  • Once installation of SnapChat for PC is done
  • Find app in Bluestacks My Apps
  • In one mouse click you are ready to use this app.

Benefits of Snapchat for PC

  • Due to its large LED screen picture looks more bright and elegant to see
  • Ease of picture sharing
  • Just one mouse click you fall in the conversation of photo sharing
  • No need to log in again and again
  • You can hangout with your friends with photo sharing also while working in PC

These are all the benefits you can get it from Snapchat for PC one mouse click. Hope you like this article, and if you like our efforts you can send and share this article to your friends and relatives via mail.

Ramadan is going to begin shortly in the third week of June 2015. Everyone get ready to send all your blessings to your friends and relatives by copying the beautiful collections of Ramadan messages 2015 sayings 2015 we have brought here for you.

Ramadan 2015 Sayings

May this auspicious occasion of Eid

Your heart be flooded with immense love

Your soul with the immense divine spirit

Your mind with the lots of knowledge

Wishing you a very happy Eid 2015


May this spiritual occasion of Eid

Allah bring you all the choicest

Happiness, joy and prosperity

In to yours and your family’s life

Wishing you and your family

A very happy Ramadan 2015


Ramadan is a month to pray Allah

Ramadan is a month to donate freely

Ramadan is a month to do all the good deeds

Ramadan is a month of sacrifice

Les hope we put all our efforts

To shower all the blessings of Allah

In this 2015 Ramadan


The holy month has begun

To celebrate with family

Let this fast bring you joy and happiness

And grace surrounded in your homes

May Allah protect you every time

And bless you every time


Ramadan is an opportunity

To request Allah to forgive all your transgressions

And thank him for making alive us

May Allah reward all your sacrifice

In this Ramadan 2015


Allah is only the God

Creator, the initiator, designer

He bel0ongs the most beautiful names

He is only the almighty,

To give us all the happiness

Wishing you and your family

Av ery happy Ramadan 2015


Ramadan special recipe

Glass of clarity

Plate of unlimited love

Spoon of contentment

Fork of wisdom

Bowl of truth

Spices of Quran

Enjoy the holy meal

Happy Ramadan 2015

You can send all these Ramadan 2015 sayings message collection to all your loved ones and dear ones. Represent all your blessings to your closest one through these wonderful collections of Ramadan sayings.

The tournament of Copa Ameica is played at duration of every four years. The draw for group so Copa America 2015 was drawn at Vina del Mar in November 2014. The groups are drawn and teams are seeded in the groups according their FIFA world ranking. The teams drawn in the top positions at different groups are the host nation Chile, Brazil and Argentina.

Three groups were drawn and the 4 teams were placed in each group. The tournament will begin with 12 teams, 18 group stage matches and four quarter finals, two semi finals, a third place and finals. Read further to know the predictions on the upcoming game show of football. The event will be widely watched over various sources of media. Group A, B and C are drawn among twelve nations participating the event. The most interesting group stage matches will be brought by Group B where Argentina will be taking on its arch rival and defending champion Uruguay.


Top Contenders Copa America 2015


The top contender this season for the trophy is Argentina. The team is in excellent position with the superstar Lionel Messi in his highes form. Moreover brilliant strikers like Tevez are also called to play for their national team at the upcoming tournament of Copa America 2015. Argentina team isloaded with talented sforwards at this season.


Uruguay can be a fovrite looking at thei past records and glorious 15 wins at this tournament. However their start striker Luis Suarez is not playing due to the ban after biting incident.


The third top contender is Brazil who has won this game’s titile for good 8 times. Brazil too is aiming at the championship this year with players like Neymar and Thiago Silva in the team.


Colombia who is currently enjoying 4th place in FIFA world ranking, comes in the list after the top three champions of among South America member nationsl. Chile who is also hosting the tournament is considered as dark horse of the Copa America 2015 game show. Chile is currently having fresh talented players and also having a favourable conditions for its players for being at the home grounds.


The tournament UEFA Champions League Final 2015 Live Streaming will be bringing many surprises at this season with some highlights already in buzz all over. The tournament is marking presence of excellent superstars like Messi and Neymar. Chile is in high form for presence of striker Alexis Sanchez. Moreover Mexico is also in the race as it is one of the leading team of CONCACAF games played amongs the North Ameirca, Central American and Carribbean nations.


Keep on watching the Copa America 2015 mathces live to know who will be taking away the trophy at this 44th season of the most prestigious and oldest football competition of the world.

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